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The average cost of a data breach is $3.92 million. We help prevent breaches and keep your company safe. Fortune 500 companies, educational firms, and non-profits are among the organizations targeted every day – many of whom are woefully unprepared to respond to security incidents. That’s where we come in.

Your Tailored Solution

From Fortune 500 companies and unicorns to small-scale businesses, we have helped secure companies from all types of industries like automobile, medical, insurance, real estate, and much more .

Full Spectrum Vulnerability Intelligence

Our Managed Security Services offer a comprehensive and proactive approach to protect your business from evolving cyber threats and security challenges.


Our vCISO services are designed to help organizations of all sizes strengthen their cybersecurity posture and protect their valuable assets from evolving cyber threats.


Our comprehensive GRC services are designed to empower organizations in managing their operations effectively, minimizing risks, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Red Team

With a team of seasoned experts at the forefront of threat simulation and vulnerability assessment, we offer unmatched precision in identifying and mitigating security risks.

incident response

Our Incident Response includes cost-free consultations and advanced technical analyses for enterprises that have experienced cyberattacks. The choice to avail of this support is entirely at the discretion of the customer.

Configuration Review

Our Configuration Review Services helmed by industry experts are designed to ensure that your technology infrastructure operates at peak performance, security, and efficiency.

Security Training

We give the best in class training to corporate employees so that they can secure themselves against emerging threats

Vulnerability Fixation

We offer comprehensive vulnerability fixation Services that are designed to safeguard your assets and information.

Capability Statement

Download the capability statement to understand how we help our clients through various
security services.

Have any Question?

Here are some common FAQs about security services that clients have.

How Does CyberSmithSECURE's FSVI Help Secure Enterprises from Threats?

CyberSmithSECURE's Managed Security Services (FSVI) employ continuous monitoring, threat detection, and incident response to safeguard enterprises. These services effectively mitigate threats and enhance security by staying ahead of emerging threats. For instance, FSVI uses advanced AI algorithms to detect suspicious activities and respond in real-time.

How Does CyberSmithSECURE's FSVI Simplify Acquisition and Fundraising for Enterprises?

CyberSmithSECURE's FSVI provides compliance reporting and risk assessments, enhancing an enterprise's credibility during acquisition and fundraising efforts. This service streamlines the process by generating detailed compliance reports, showcasing your commitment to security, and instilling confidence in potential investors or buyers.

What's the ROI for CyberSmithSECURE's Managed Security Services (FSVI)?

The ROI for CyberSmithSECURE's FSVI can be significant. For example, by preventing data breaches and minimizing downtime, FSVI helps enterprises save substantial costs. One client experienced a 30% reduction in security-related expenses within the first year of implementing our FSVI, leading to increased profitability.

What Sets CyberSmithSECURE's FSVI Apart from Traditional VAPT Tests?

Traditional Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) are one-time assessments, while CyberSmithSECURE's FSVI offers continuous security. Our FSVI provides ongoing threat detection, allowing us to identify vulnerabilities as they emerge, unlike periodic VAPT tests. This proactive approach ensures that your security remains robust in the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Why Does an Enterprise Need Red Teaming?

Red Teaming simulates real-world cyberattacks to identify vulnerabilities that might be missed in traditional security assessments. It provides a holistic view of an organization's security posture, helping prevent potential breaches.

How Does CyberSmithSECURE's Red Team Assessment Protect Enterprise Crown Jewels?

CyberSmithSECURE's Red Team employs advanced tactics to uncover critical weaknesses. For instance, they might use social engineering techniques or advanced penetration testing to protect an enterprise's most valuable assets, such as sensitive data and intellectual property.

How Does Red Teaming Build Inter-Business Confidence and Trust?

Red Teaming demonstrates an enterprise's commitment to security to partners and customers. It enhances trust by showcasing proactive measures to safeguard data and operations. For instance, successful Red Team assessments can be shared with stakeholders to highlight your dedication to security.

What Are the Specific Use Cases Analyzed in CyberSmithSECURE's Red Teaming Assessment?

CyberSmithSECURE's Red Teaming covers a range of use cases, including penetration testing, social engineering, and insider threat scenarios. They tailor assessments to your specific needs to uncover vulnerabilities comprehensively. For example, if your organization is in the finance sector, the Red Team will focus on scenarios relevant to financial institutions.

Why Choose a VCISO Over a Full-Time CISO?

VCISOs offer cost-efficiency, flexibility, and expertise tailored to your needs. They bring extensive experience without the expense of hiring a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). For example, a VCISO can adapt to your evolving security needs, scaling up or down as necessary.

What Makes CyberSmithSECURE's VCISO Service Unique?

CyberSmithSECURE's VCISO service combines deep industry knowledge with a personalized approach. Our VCISOs work closely with your team to understand your unique security needs. For instance, they conduct regular workshops with your staff to ensure everyone is aligned with your security goals.

How Does VCISO Service Support Security Transformation?

VCISOs lead security strategy development and execution, ensuring alignment with your business goals. They can help integrate security into your organization's culture, fostering a proactive security mindset. For instance, they can design customized security training programs to educate your employees.

What Are the VCISO's Key Responsibilities at CyberSmithSECURE?

VCISOs at CyberSmithSECURE oversee risk management, security policy development, incident response, and security awareness training. They act as your dedicated security advisor, ensuring that your organization's security posture is continuously improving.

How can CyberSmithSECURE's GRC services contribute to our organization's business growth?

GRC as a service helps in identifying and mitigating risks, which, in turn, can free up resources and reduce operational friction. By minimizing disruptions and optimizing processes, it enables smoother business growth while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. For example, GRC can identify areas where streamlining processes can lead to significant cost savings and support expansion efforts.

Can CyberSmithSECURE's GRC services help us save costs while maintaining regulatory compliance?

Absolutely. GRC services provide insights into areas where cost-saving opportunities exist, while simultaneously ensuring that these measures align with regulatory requirements. This dual benefit promotes efficient resource allocation. As an example, GRC can pinpoint redundant processes or unused resources that can be eliminated to reduce costs.

How can CyberSmithSecure's GRC as a service help us address legal issues related to IT?

GRC services include legal risk assessment and management. They help protect the organization against legal challenges, including IP issues, contractual disputes, and cyber liabilities, ensuring legal compliance in IT operations. For instance, GRC can create a comprehensive record of IT-related contracts and ensure compliance with contractual obligations.

What role does CyberSmithSecure's GRC as a service play in merger and acquisition (M&A) strategies or IPO preparation?

GRC as a service provides valuable insights into the GRC posture of potential M&A targets. It can also help in preparing for an IPO by establishing robust internal controls and reporting mechanisms, fostering investor confidence and compliance with regulatory requirements. For instance, GRC can conduct due diligence on potential M&A targets to identify any hidden risks or compliance issues that may impact the transaction's success.